Infrared Heating Panels

Our standard models are developed by leading brand IHP. They are a high performance far infrared heater which looks superb when mounted on either ceilings or walls. They have a unique, angled, swept-back edge which gives the illusion of a floating frame of zero thickness. The product is engineered to a design that allows the panels to be virtually flush with the wall or ceiling, further enhancing its modern, stylish look.

The panels are lightweight, making them easy to handle. They are also coated with a special material with makes them both efficient and also means that they won't discolour with age.

So how much heating do I need? Well it really depends on the situation. Here are a few guidelines*;

Case 1 - Well Insulated, Modern House
We'd usually expect approximately 60w/m2 to be sufficient for this type of building

Case 2 - Poorly insulated, Old House
In this case you will need more power, so consider 80 - 90 w/m2

Case 3 - Modern Office, well insulated with suspended ceiling grid - only heated in working hours
Consider 60-70w/m2 - this will give you a responsive system with a fast warm-up time.

* these are only guidelines. If in doubt, please get in touch